Do you dream of starting your own business? Take the leap, but be honest with yourself.

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The journey requires discipline

Being an entrepreneur is a long and challenging journey. For many, the leap will be like taking part in an off-road motor race with an old, half-dead passenger car with ordinary tyres for tarmac. You’re alone in the car, it’s running out of petrol and it needs repairs, but time is running out because you need to get to your destination before the other drivers, who incidentally have better cars than you, overtake you. The other drivers are mostly right on your tail, keeping an eye on which roads in the terrain you are successfully driving and which roads they should stay away from. Furthermore, you can’t afford gas, there are no mechanics to help you, and you’ve had to give up a lot of quality time with your friends and family to participate.
Are you ready to take part in such a race?

Words of an experienced entrepreneur

Daniel Hansen from OMNIA knows these thoughts, dreams and aspirations well. Already as a young teenager, he took the leap and became an entrepreneur. Today, he has several adventures on his resume. Therefore, he also knows about the motor race, and he knows how important discipline and perseverance are.

  • They want freedom
  • They are too ambitious for a regular job
  • They are addicted to risk and adrenaline
  • They are impatient
  • They are creative.

I am ready. What now?

When the internet exposes you to success stories, big houses, expensive cars and people who get up at their leisure every morning to exercise, meditate, read a book, take a cold bath and then get down to work as a self-employed person, it’s no wonder that many people yearn for this life. Hopefully this article has given you a reality check… buying that Porsche is entirely possible but it’s long way off.

Learn from the best

At OMNIA Global we have launched a podcast series called “The Dot Connectors”. Its purpose is to dive into the world of entrepreneurship with personal stories from some of the world’s most creative and succesful entrepreneurs. The guests starring on the podcast include myself, Daniel Hansen, but you will also hear the stories of the CEO’s of Ventum Dynamics and Diply, among others.



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Daniel Hansen

Daniel Hansen

Daniel Hansen is CEO at OMNIA Global; An entrepreneurial family office.